Paradise Water Fountains wants to wish everyone a “Happy New Year!”  Now that the Holiday’s are over, it’s time to get ready for Spring and Summer backyard beauty.  “Yes” that means it’s time to get back to work and get all the lawn and garden leaves and debris cleaned up before we start the fun part “Planting” and “Landscaping.”

When people plan their landscape designs for spring planting, the season most likely to be overlooked is winter. Winter may be the least green season in the North, but that doesn’t mean a well-planned landscape can’t offer some interest in winter. And what better time to reflect on landscaping is by sitting by a warm fire  thinking about Spring.

Most of us begin the New Year with plans, projects, and resolutions. The January garden provides a stark contrast as it hunkers down to wait out the winter, but there’s still plenty to do when the weather cooperates.


This is a great month for evaluating and planning, Did you know  (January is National Mail-Order Gardening Month?), preparing and getting organized.

it’s time to clean up all the dead leaves and debris, do some pruning, and get your greenhouse cleaned up and ready to go.


You can turn those dead leaves into compost.  Compost is plant or animal waste that’s completely decomposed and now looks something like coffee grounds — black gold.  It’s a great source of nutrients it is, and a boom to soil structure.   Spreading an inch of compost on beds and borders every year gives the soil and plants everything they need.    Compost  is also the best possible soil amendment for preparing a bed or at planting. urns yard and garden debris – grass clippings, leaves, twigs, even kitchen scraps – into a dark, rich, valuable soil amendment.  Stop in and see what we have at Paradise Water Fountains.


Preparing for Spring Gardening

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